Majestic Bettie Maillot Swimsuit | Classic Nautical Blue Striped One-Piece

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Majestic Bettie Swimsuit

Majestic Bettie SwimsuitMajestic give some nautical flair to the classic one-piece with this Bettie Maillot Swimsuit.

At its heart this is a very traditional one-piece swimsuit. The removable strap and ruching around the bust give it a bit of personality, but it’s really a classic beauty. That’s why I prefer the Bettie striped. In either red or blue, the pattern helps ensure this timeless swimsuit doesn’t fade into the background.

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I can’t imagine this striped version will ever date, but if you prefer a matte color Majestic has you covered there too. It’s also available in black, tobacco brown, poppy red, and eggshell white.

No matter what shade you pick, you’ll be impressed by the material. It’s mostly made of polymide, with a dash of lycra thrown in for flexibility. While the fabric stretches when you’re splashing about in the waves, it’s far from flimsy.

I expect a lot for $118, so I’m a little nervous about some customer reviews. They suggest that the plastic hooks are flimsy and prone to breaking, and the dye isn’t colorfast. However it’s uncertain whether these suits were hand washed and laid flat to dry as recommended. I suggest taking the effort to hand launder it if you hope to get value for your investment.

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