Luli Fama Timbales Bandeau Top | Colorful Tribal Print Twist Bikini

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Luli Fama Timbales Bandeau

Luli Fama Timbales BandeauLuli Fama goes tribal with this African printed Timbales bandeau bikini top.

Its vivid ethnic pattern makes the Timbales a real head turner. The twisted bandeau style is fairly basic, but its bright colors help to elevate it above the ordinary. Prints don’t often work with a twisted style, as the details get obscured, but with an abstract pattern like this Luli Fama gets away with it.

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The twisted style might be traditional, but most don’t hide the figure flattering features of the Timbales. Molded cups are built in to give women a bit of a boost, and there’s boning in the sides for extra support. Boned swimwear is never completely comfortable to wear, but you know what they say about beauty and pain!

Without any attachable straps though I think this is more of a lazing about the sand bikini, than one made for the surf. Luli Fama says we can twist it as many times as we need for the perfect fit, but I’m sure even that won’t make this swim top particularly secure. One ill timed wave could easily create a wardrobe malfunction!

If you’re an active beach goer this bandeau top probably won’t suit your needs, but if your main priority is looking good on the sand the Timbales will do the job for $86.

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