L*Space Sunkissed Bandeau Bikini Top | Red Bow Accented Swimsuit

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L*Space Sunkissed Bandeau Bikini Top

L*Space Sunkissed Bandeau Bikini TopL*Space brings some retro flair to swimwear with this Sunkissed bandeau bikini top.

The traditional bandeau style is jazzed up with a sexy bow. What I love most is that L*Space doesn’t rest on its laurels. Turn it around and you’ll see the gorgeous plaited detail on the back. I’m not sure how comfortable this chunky weave will feel against your skin, but boy it looks good!

I do worry about how secure a strapless swimsuit will be, especially for girls who spend a lot of time in the water. I can foresee a wardrobe malfunction in big waves! But if you’re not a very active beach goer there is an advantage to this cut. Ordinarily swimsuits leave tan lines which plague you through the season. But if you wear this bikini, your skin will be completely sunkissed in your strapless evening gowns!

At $84 this is a pretty pricy bikini top. After all, you’ll need to spend money on board shorts or swimming briefs to complete your costume. But if tan lines are the scourge of your summer, the Sunkissed bandeau top might just be worth the splurge. You’ll find it in this sexy scarlet red or a more subdued basic black.

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