L*Space Miss Mojave Stardust One-Piece Swimsuit | Flamboyant Fringed Aztec Print Bathers

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Lspace Miss Mojave Swimsuit

Lspace Miss Mojave SwimsuitL*Space delivers a swimsuit with flamboyant flair with this Miss Mojave Stardust.

This isn’t a swimsuit for shrinking violets, or anyone with a classic sense of style. But it is one of the more interesting swimsuits you’ll spot on the beach, with its wild white hippie fringing and Aztec inspired print. Its shape is simple, but when you’ve got so much going on already you don’t need any more distractions!

This swimsuit ties at the back and neck, so it’s fully adjustable for just the right fit. The blend of nylon and spandex is comfortable, flexible, and quick to dry once you emerge from the waves.

It runs in all the regular sizes, from extra-small to large, but I’d proceed with caution if you’re on the petite side. There is no padding in the cups, and no underwire, so it may make slim girls appear even flatter. The fringing will hide some of that, but there’s still the plunging neckline to consider.

On the right girl though I think this eye-catching L*Space swimsuit could look fabulous. Its very unique look makes the $140 price tag seem a bit steep, but the attention you’ll get may make it worth the splurge!

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