L*Space Lucca Dress | Cream Lace Mesh Beach Cover-Up Top

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L*Space Lucca Cover-Up

L*Space Lucca Cover-UpL*Space offers a more glamorous alternative to an old T-shirt with this Lucca dress.

This is one of the prettiest cover-ups I’ve seen, with its intricate lacy mesh body and kimono inspired half-sleeves and neckline. Dainty golden buttons further dress up the neckline, contrasting as they do with the Lucca’s ivory fabric.

This is really a cover-up more about fashion than functionality though. You’ll need to slather on the sunscreen underneath it if you want to avoid an unusual lace-looking sunburn!

It’ll also take some caring for. Unless you hand wash it the light lacework will tear, and you’ll need to dry it flat to ensure it keeps its shape. That’s a lot more effort than many us want to go to on a summer vacation, but I think it’ll be worth the work.

After all, how many cover-ups do we see that make such a style statement? It’d look gorgeous on the sand, while you’re swanning around a beachside resort, or even relaxing on that cute millionaire’s yacht, champagne in hand. We can dream, can’t we?

Thankfully at a relatively affordable $184, we needn’t wait for that millionaire to own this beautiful cover-up. It’s not cheap, but in the world of high fashion the Lucca’s not unreasonably priced.

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