L*Space Callisto Cover-Up | Sexy Women’s Cut-Out Beach Top & Shorts

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L*Space Callisto Cover-Up

L*Space Callisto Cover-UpDitch that frumpy oversized T-shirt and cover up in style on the beach with this Callisto set from L*Space.

L*Space chooses style over sun smart design here, with crochet shoulder details and an open, keyhole back. These sexy details work with the soft, flowing style and golden accents to create the look of a Grecian goddess.

But while these accents are very stylish, they don’t make this cover-up very practical. You’ll need to slap on the sunscreen first or your bare skin will burn. And a crochet patterned patch of sunburn isn’t a very good look!

The matching pair of shorts adds value to this ensemble. They’re made of the same soft poly-rayon blend, and ruched along the sides for an extra hint of style.

There’s a roomy pocket on the back, but I probably wouldn’t use it for storage. Nothing is less flattering than an extra lump or bump on your rear! The Callisto top and shorts work well together, but you could always mix and match them for greater versatility.

And well you should, because at $184 this is one expensive beach outfit. It looks better than most cover-ups, but you’ll need to be a dedicated beach bunny to get value from this outfit.

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