La Blanca Ruff Stuff Bandeau | Classic Striped One-Piece Swimsuit

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La Blanca Ruff Stuff Swimsuit

La Blanca Ruff Stuff SwimsuitDon’t let the vertical stripes scare you; this Ruff Stuff swimsuit from La Blanca is remarkably slimming.

We’ve all been told to steer clear of outfits decorated with such stripes, but you needn’t have the model’s figure to look good wearing them. The Ruff Stuff’s stripes are relatively narrow, so they don’t tend to add extra pounds. La Blanca knows this so it generously offers the Ruff Stuff in sizes 4 to 16.

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But the stripes don’t just add interest to the simple bandeau-style design. The curved stripes around the bust enhance your shape, which is a real blessing for anyone on the petite side. The modern enamel buckle at the bust caps off the timeless nautical design.

The shoestring halter-neck strap offers the security we need in the surf, but the Ruff Stuff looks its sexiest without it. Just unclip it once you hit the sand and enjoy line-free tanning, and the admiring glances that will come your way.

That buckle and the blend of polyester and spandex have their limitations though. Both are a bit fragile so you’ll need to wash the Ruff Stuff by hand to keep it looking its best. However if you do make the effort your $109 will pay for several summers of fun.

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