La Blanca A Fresh Look Bikini Top | Push-Up Underwire Pleated Coral Swimsuit

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La Blanca Fresh Look Bikini

La Blanca Fresh Look BikiniLa Blanca takes “a fresh look” at bikinis with its figure enhancing swimsuit of the same name.

OK, so perhaps La Blanca hasn’t been entirely innovative here. But its soft all-over pleats make this bikini top look a bit more interesting than the average. The vibrant coral red hue is also appealing, although a few more color options wouldn’t have gone astray.

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But the reasons I like this swimsuit go beyond its aesthetic perks. The adjustable straps, which are more substantial than the usual shoestrings, should be a bit more comfortable on shoulders. Underwire underneath the bust isn’t entirely comfortable to wear, but it does lift and support the bust for maximum curves. What’s a little discomfort for killer cleavage? I also appreciate the clasp closure on the back, which should be more secure than the traditional ties swimsuit designers’ typically offer.

The blend of nylon and spandex is comfortable to wear and quick to dry, but it will require a little effort to stay in good condition. You’ll need to handwash the A Fresh Look if you want to keep its colors true and its fabric free of unsightly puckering.

At $79 this bikini top is relatively expensive, particularly when we consider we’ll need to add a pair of bottoms to it. However its timeless style makes it an investment worth making for girls that can afford it.

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