La Blanca Button Front Cover-Up | Pink Cotton Sun Protective Tunic

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La Blanca Button Cover-Up

La Blanca Button Cover-UpLa Blanca delivers a cover-up that does just what it says on the tin with this Button Front Cover-Up.

Basically it has buttons down the front and it will cover you up when you’re on the beach. That’s a very simplistic review of this tunic, but it’s also one that explains just how basic this La Blanca cover-up is. I don’t know about you, but I find it really disappointing. While La Blanca’s swimsuits aren’t exactly cutting edge, they always have a classic sense of style about them that I find really appealing. Sadly that’s exactly what’s lacking here.

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I can’t recall ever thinking something pink was so devoid of personality. Usually this color livens an outfit up, but here it just seems like an unsuccessful last ditch attempt at making this cover-up appealing. The ombre treatment is interesting, but even it can’t do the impossible.

This cover-up seems very dated, from its long row of buttons to its smocked pleating. It cinches in at the waist a little, but it’s never going to give you a great shape. The neckline looks vaguely Middle Eastern, but not enough is done to capitalize on this area of interest.

At $63 this cover-up is relatively affordable, especially considering it’s made entirely from cotton, but I’m still not convinced. While cover-ups have a practical job to do, I think they should still look good while they’re doing it!

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