Kangol’s New Bamboo Hats

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Knit Caps for Summer

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Posted: Apr 6 | No Comments |

Kangol Cloche Hat

Kangol's hats have just gotten a lot greener with the label opting for renewable bamboo and eco-friendly yarns for its spring/summer knit line.

Knit hats don't sound like they'd be very beach friendly, but I'd love to wear the retro bamboo Cloche pictured above, or the bamboo Mowbray pictured below on the sand. Bamboo is much lighter than other traditionally knitted materials like wool and felt, so it'll breathe better and prevent your head from overheating.

Kangol Mowbray Hat

But of course its biggest draw card for the increasing number of green fashionistas is bamboo's eco credentials. Some varieties of bamboo can grow to 80 feet in just a month, making it the fastest growing crop on earth. Using such a sustainable resource certainly makes sense for the planet, and fashion labels who care about the earth around them.

New regulations ensure that the term bamboo must be used exclusively to describe fibers derived directly from the plant. That means we can breathe a little easier, knowing that Kangol's bamboo hats aren't made using the harsh chemical processes of the past. There's no point using a green material if you're going to put harmful elements into the atmosphere, is there?

Kangol's green spring/summer knit hats are available now in both male and female styles.

[Source: Alternative Consumer]
[Image Source: Kangol website]

Women's Bamboo Hats on eBay

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