Juicy Couture Be Silly Aviator Sunglasses

Classic Black & White Designer Shades

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Posted: Mar 19 | 2 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Juicy Couture Be Silly SunglassesThey've got a playful name, but Juicy Couture's Be Silly sunglasses show off the brand's more reserved side.

It's very strange that a pair of shades called Be Silly isn't really very silly at all. Its aviator style is classic, as is the color combination of contrasting black and white. Even the gray tinted lenses are subdued. I suppose pairing black eye frames with white arms is a bit daring, but silly? Hardly.

While the name confuses me, I'm grateful Juicy Couture's taken a more traditional approach to design. Let's remember that this is a label that popularized velour, celebrated candy pink hues, and slathered its apparel and accessories with obnoxious slogans. If it had really let loose we may have ended up with something far less wearable!

These Be Silly aviator sunglasses might not turn heads, but their style never goes out of fashion. The small silver lettering on the arms is an elegant piece of branding. You may need to watch the color though. While black seems like a classic choice, it can appear too harsh against pale skin. It looks its best against a tan, although with all those skin cancer warnings you're best getting yours out of a bottle!

At $94.99 you're paying a small premium for the Juicy Couture name, but the Be Silly's timeless style makes them worth the investment.

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