Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau | Navy Blue Gold Buttons Swim Top

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Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau

Juicy Couture Miss Divine BandeauJuicy Couture sets the style standard with this Miss Divine bandeau swim top.

The label’s come a long way since its heady pink velour-loving heyday. These days the American fashion house is experimenting with more timeless colors and more fashion forward designs, and it’s better for it. I love the restraint shown here, something we’d never have associated with Juicy Couture in the past.

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The navy blue fabric is a classic choice, but it’s made much more interesting with the addition of golden buttons. The row of accents brings a real regality to the design that aspiring princesses are sure to warm to. I also appreciate the gentle shirring which helps hide any problem areas.

The absence of a shoulder strap is a real misstep though. While we’ll appreciate the line-free tanning, it’s a wardrobe disaster waiting to happen once you hit the waves. A removable shoestring would have added the security we crave without compromising the design.

The lack of strap is a small thing, but it’s significant enough to make me hesitate to spend $151 on this bandeau swim top. That’s not small change, especially when you’ve got to buy the briefs to match. It might suit anyone who spends a lot of time on the sand, but water babies may like to look elsewhere.

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