Juicy Couture Coastal Tote

Large Pink Stripe Canvas Butterfly Beach Bag

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Posted: Feb 9 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Juicy Couture Coastal ToteJuicy Couture has a reputation for flamboyant feminine looks, but in recent seasons the label has shown us a new sophisticated side. Bags like this Coastal Tote are still girly, but not too sugary for us to swallow.

The natural canvas body is embellished with pretty pale pink and peach stripes. A black butterfly graphic is laid over the top for an extra dose of girlishness. Sequins adorning the butterfly's wings will catch the summer sunlight beautifully, but don't expect them to all stay put until the end of the season. Happily I think the tote will look just as good without them, but girls who love glitz may disagree!

The brown leather handles make this canvas tote feel a bit more luxurious, but it's not the smartest carry option for the beach. Salty sea air and waves will corrode the material, so we shouldn't expect it to look as lovely once summer winds down. Opting for more of the canvas rather than leather would have been more practical, and kept the price down.

Personally that price tag of $178 seems a bit high for an accessory that will sit in the sand, but I'm sure Juicy Couture devotees will disagree!

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