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Jantzen Sheer Me Up Swimsuit

Jantzen Sheer Me Up SwimsuitJantzen’s swimsuits regularly strike a chord with sun lovers, but even esteemed fashion houses can make a misstep. If the customer feedback is any indication, that’s what’s happened with the label’s Sheer Me Up swimsuit.

It’s disappointing to hear the Sheer Me Up isn’t up to Jantzen’s usual standard, because its styling is amongst the label’s most striking. The shirred body is so flattering for women of all sizes, while the mesh briefs bring a bit of sizzle. It certainly looks good on the model!

But perhaps we should pay attention to that uncertain look on the beauty’s face rather than the way it appears. She doesn’t seem to enjoy wearing this swimsuit, and the comments of Amazon’s customers might reveal why.

They suggest the Sheer Me Up is badly made from shoddy materials. There’s also little support in the design, which is unfortunate in anything available up to a size 16. All that shirring also makes it difficult to slide on, and once it’s in place the unusual strap configuration makes wearing it uncomfortable. It’s little wonder the model looks less than impressed!

The Sheer Me Up had all the makings of a great Jantzen swimsuit, but it seems it’s missed the mark. Perhaps it’s time the label went back to the drawing board and revised this one!

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