Ivanka Trump Designs Sunglasses | Heiress Readies Latest Fashion Line

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Ivanka Trump Sunglasses

Ivanka Trump Sunglasses

She might be an heiress, but Ivanka Trump is determined to work hard for her money. Donald’s daughter will expand her fashion empire with the launch of a sunglasses range next year.

Trump clearly knows her own design limitations, so she’s enlisted eyewear maker B. Robinson’s help on the collection. She also knows that not everyone has her bulging bank accounts, so she’s created two lines as different price points. The affordable range retails for between $68 and $128. The upscale line jumps up to cost between $150 and $175.

Whichever one your budget allows, you’ll appreciate the way Trump’s balance classic design and contemporary influences. Crystals, coral, opal, and other semiprecious gemstones give the frames some feminine flair.

So now we can buy Ivanka Trump apparel items, and accessorize them with jewelry, shoes, handbags, and soon sunglasses. You’d think she might be ready to rest on her laurels, but it seems the socialite isn’t planning to slow down. She’s got several new additions in the works, including swimwear, fragrances, and watches. She also hasn’t ruled out a children’s line. Somebody’s going to be busy!

Look for Ivanka Trump’s new eyewear collection in selected department stores and sunglass retailers next spring.

[Source: Glamazon Diaries]


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