iH85 iHome2Go Cycler Portable Speaker

Mini iPod Boom-box for Bike with Wireless Remote

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Posted: Sep 30 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |


Apparently the days of carrying your boom-box to the beach are over. iHome, the master of iPod transport,  has come up with the iH85, or iHome2Go Cycler Bike-to-Beach Speaker. It's shaped like a water bottle so it can fit on to the carrier that most bike frames come with.

The water-proof container is pressure sealed and impact resistant so you can slip your iPod safely inside, ride along, and hop to the beach without worrying about sand messing with the hardware. The separate wireless controller fits nicely on a provided attachment for bike handlebars.

Transportable iPod speakers don't seem to be able to produce a lot of sound, which may be a concern for this product since it has only one speaker driver. You have to find the balance between blow-out, annoy-your-beach- neighbors and I-can't-hear-it-over-the-waves volume.

This gadget does require AA batteries, which can add up to the cost of using this thing if you don't have a battery recharger. A power adapter recharges only your iPod if you're listening indoors. The design of this product is certainly well thought out. Though iHome recommends you don't use your iTouch or iPhone, which could make this product out of date for some.

More Features of the iHome2Go Cycler Bike-to-Beach Speaker

  • Comes with mounting bracket and all hardware
  • Compatible with all docking models, not an iPod shuffle
  • Includes carrying case for  use on the beach
  • Price: $100

Get the iHome2Go Cycler Bike-to-Beach Speaker:

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