Hat.A.Girl Travel Hat

Black Striped Crushable Wide Brimmed Sunhat

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Posted: Jul 6 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

We all know it's important to take our sun hats along to the beach, but they're just so difficult to pack! Caps can fit inside a tote, but they don't offer the sun protection we crave.

The wide brimmed variety is a much better alternative, but good luck fitting one inside your beach bag! Hat.A.Girl has come to the rescue with this striped travel hat.

The polyester sunhat claims to be crushable and packable, so you can tuck it away inside your beach tote or travel bag without worrying about wrinkles or creases. It should reappear fresh and free of tell-tale fold marks once you're on the sand.

That same crease-free technology comes in handy when it's washed too. While it won't survive a trip through the machine, you can hand-wash away any stains and then hang it out to dry.

This sunhat's wide brimmed design is basic, but the black or purple stripes make it appear a bit more chic. Of course, that wide brim is more than an aesthetic feature. It will protect your face and shoulders from the sun's glare so well that it's been awarded a UPF 50+ certification.

While Hat.A.Girl has recognized what most girls need here, it hasn't recognized that we're all a little bit different. This hat comes in just one size – 57 centimeters – so if your head is a shade larger or smaller than the average you're sadly out of luck.

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