Guess On Thin Ice Bikini | White Gemstone Encrusted Triangle Swim Top

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Guess On Thin Ice Bikini

Guess On Thin Ice BikiniGuess seems to have taken a bedazzler to a classic white bikini with this On Thin Ice swim top.

At its heart, this is your stock standard triangle style string bikini. All of its flash comes from the assortment of gems and studs. The application of the scattered metal discs and jewels seems a little heavy handed at first. However by restricting the accents to the lines along the cups, I think Guess has offered enough white space to make this work.

By biggest problem is the practicality of allowing the details to do all the talking. I’m no chemist, but I know that glue and salt water don’t mix. It’s only a matter of time before the accents come free, and then we’ll be left with a basic and very boring bikini. It might work if you spend all your time sunbathing, but it’s not really suited to active sun lovers.

And of course because of those gems we can’t simply throw the On Thin Ice in the washing machine. It’ll need hand washing, and careful hand washing at that, to give the accents a fighting chance.

Personally I think the On Thin Ice bikini seems like more trouble than it’s worth, but more patient beach goers may feel differently.

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