Eugenia Kim Designs Baseball Caps for Timo Weiland

Colorful Beach Hat Capsule Collection

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Posted: Jan 8 | 1 Comment |

Eugenia Kim for Timo Weiland CapCouncil of Fashion Designers of America award winner Eugenia Kim looks to elevate the humble baseball cap to high end fashion statement through her new collaboration with Timo Weiland.

Weiland commissioned the acclaimed milliner to create a capsule collection of wide brimmed baseball caps. The hats feature seven of Timo Weiland signature colorful patterns, which he says were inspired by the art of Jean-Michael Basquiat. During Basquiat's time in Hawaii he began to paint with the blues of the ocean, the white and beige of the sand, the tropical greens, fuchsias, and tangerines he saw in the island's foliage, and the deep blues of the night sky.

Weiland added that his "vibrant prints and colors, combined with our playful, optimistic silhouettes gave way for the perfect partnership with Eugenia's quirky sense of style."

I'm not sure anything is truly perfect, but there's a lot to like about this collaboration. I've never been a great fan of wearing baseball caps on the beach as they don't offer the same level of sun protection that wide brimmed hats do. But the unusual brim we see here is making me change my tune. Notice how the image shows the cap protecting the sensitive skin of the ears and around the eyes. I love it when fashion is smart as well as stylish!

As with so many designer collaborations the biggest stumbling block is the price. At $195 these hats are significantly more expensive than the average baseball cap, so you'll have to be utterly smitten to indulge.

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

Eugenia Kim Caps on eBay

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One Comment

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