Echo Bikini Bag | Cute Terry Cloth Purse for Wet Swimwear

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Echo Bikini Bag

Echo Bikini BagWe love our bikini, until it gets wet. Then it’s just plain inconvenient. But soaked swimwear need not be a concern thanks to this Bikini Bag from Echo.

Ordinarily most of us loiter around the beach, waiting for our swimsuits to dry before we can pop on a cover-up or beach dress. But Echo knows the modern girl doesn’t have time to waste. So it created this cute little bikini bag, which is built to handle soggy swimmers.

This beach bag is made from terry cloth, a soft fabric known for its absorbent properties. This material is decorated with a whimsical embroidered bikini and the words, “Bikini Bag.” There’s certainly no doubting what this purse is made for! It’s also lined with a hardy, waterproof lining that won’t degrade with exposure to saltwater or chlorine.

At 10.5 by 9 inches, this bikini bag is large enough to handle many swimsuits, so why not gather those of your family members or gal pals? Then you can just tuck the bag away in a larger beach tote, content in the knowledge the water won’t seep through the latest issue of Vogue!

Just remember to take your bathers out of the bikini bag as soon as you get back home. We all know what happens to damp swimwear left unattended!

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