Coolibar Tucson Hat

Wide Brimmed Protective Woven Women’s Ribbon Sunhat

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Posted: Aug 20 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Coolibar adds a little pizzazz to the popular wide-brimmed sunhat style with this striking Tucson hat.

This hat is just the thing for coping with the oppressive sun in Arizona, or at your local beach. It's made from a unique blend of natural straw and nylon which is certified to offer the same protection as a UPF 50+ sunscreen. Its wide four-inch brim helps to shade your neck and face too, so you'll never come home with nasty sunburned skin.

But Coolibar knows girls don't just want safety; they want style. This sunhat delivers on that front too. Wide brimmed hats in these neutral tones are right on trend, but the crepe sash gives this one an extra injection of panache. This long flowing ribbon is feminine yet not too fussy in your choice of brown or ivory. If this accent isn't to your taste, don't worry. It's easily removable for a cleaner look.

So the Tucson delivers on safety and style, but what about comfort? Don't worry, Coolibar's got us covered there too. The woven straw is breathable, to help keep your head cooler than the average cap. It's also got a sweatband sewn inside to mop up any moisture on your brow.

The Tucson's style isn't too revolutionary, but Coolibar has done enough to turn my head. And at $40, the price for this chic sunhat seems just right.

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