Coolibar Caribbean Island Hat

Protective Natural Straw Sunhat

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Posted: Dec 7 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Coolibar Carribean Island HatCoolibar embraces tropical island style with this colorful Carribean bag.

Coolibar has always been a brand that's put sun protection first and style second. So it's refreshing to see this pretty sunhat which manages to combine the two. It's not the most fashion forward hat, but its colorful braided macramé band and tassel of beads gives it some real personality.

These vibrant embellishments are set against a natural straw toned hat. Some may think that background's a bit boring, but I think it makes this sunhat more versatile. A rainbow shade would limit us to only certain swimsuits, but this should work well with any summer outfit.

But let's not forget those sun protective qualities that Coolibar prides itself upon. This hat is rated UPF 50+, so it should help to keep the sunburn at bay. It's also got an elastic band inside which should help to mop the summer sweat from your brow. Although as the straw is breathable, hopefully you'll only feel the heat on the hottest of days!

At $40 you can probably find many hats that are cheaper than this, but you might not find too many that offer as much sun protection or whimsy as this Coolibar Carribean Island Hat.

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