Burberry Brights Foldable Sunglasses

Convenient Colored New Shades

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Posted: Aug 4 | No Comments |

Burberry Brights Sunglasses

Burberry's celebrating the current 80s revival with its fun new sunglasses collection, Burberry Brights.

The shades feature a classic wayfarer silhouette and a color palette which mixes conservative neutrals and shocking retro hues. Traditionalists will flock to the black, white, and tortoiseshell shades, but I prefer the more daring colors including lime green, opal blue, citrus yellow, and pollen orange.

The name suggests that the bright colors are the sunglasses' most outstanding feature, but I'm much more interested in their convenient foldable design. These sunglasses actually fold in half, so you can stash them in the mini case provided and forget about them! That should be a real relief for girls that tend to break and snap their shades by season's end.

The branding could stand to be a little subtler though. The Burberry logo takes up the entire length of the arms, and its golden color really pops against the darker colors like purple, black, and pink. With most fashion house's opting for more subdued logos these days, it's a shame that Burberry hasn't followed suit.

You will pay for the privilege of wearing them too, although we're never expect Burberry sunglasses to come cheaply. The Brights collection is available for between $190 and $330 from Burberry stores, including the fashion house's website.

[Source: Mama's a Rolling Stone]

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