Chanel Sunglasses Claudia Schiffer Ad

Claudia Schiffer Models Chanel Sunglasses | Supermodel Fronts Prestige Eyewear Ad Campaign

Chanel has ditched the double Cs for another iconic design element with its Prestige Fall 2011 eyewear collection. The spectacles and...
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Chanel Rimless Sunglasses

Chanel 4160Q Sunglasses | Brown Designer Shades with Threaded Accent

When only the best will do on the beach, look to these 4160Q sunglasses from Chanel. Or at least, that’s what...
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Chanel 5138 Sunglasses

Chanel 5138 Sunglasses | Expensive Black Frames with Colored Logo

Sometimes it feels like high end designers simply rest on their laurels rather than pushing the fashion envelope. Looking at this...
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Chanel Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Chanel 5026 Sunglasses | Women’s Retro Red Tortoiseshell Designer Shades

Chanel embraces retro tortoiseshell print with these 5026 women’s sunglasses. This mottled pattern is a little bit different than the tortoiseshell...
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Chanel 5119 Sunglasses

Chanel 5119 Sunglasses | Retro Red Framed Italian Sun Shades

I’ve never really understood folks who spend hundreds on sunglasses. Compared to those typical girly vices of handbags and shoes, sun...
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Chanel White Sunglasses

Chanel White Sunglasses | Bold 6022Q Retro Italian Designer Shades

There’s certainly a place for classic looks that stand the test of time, but these traditional fashions rarely stand out. If...
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Chanel’s New J12 Luxury Marine Watches | Waterproof for Scuba Diving & Surf with Ceramic Bezels

Chanel’s popular J12 watch has been given a new beach makeover with the release of a waterproof version. The J12 Marine...
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Chanel’s New Weird Joke Designer Sunglasses | Boutique Exclusives Bold & Fun Eyewear Range for 2010

Chanel has released a fun new sunglasses collection which is sure to receive plenty of attention on the beach. These distinctive...
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