The Body Sculpting Bible Swimsuit Edition

Women’s Beach Fitness Book

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Posted: Sep 7 | 3 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Body Sculpting BibleAcclaimed New York based personal trainer James Villepique puts women on the path to their perfect beach body with this fitness guide.

The book's exercises are designed to help readers fit into their favorite swimsuit, whether it's a conservative tankini or a more revealing thong bikini. There are workouts to target the thighs, toning routines for abs and obliques, and a comprehensive gluts workout for achieving an enviable bikini butt.

Happily the exercises aren't offered in isolation. The guide also has workout plans, which string together the repetitions for an all-over exercise plan, meal schedules, and more general dietary advice.

This really is a guide for beginners looking to get off the couch rather than anyone already interested in fitness though. Villepigue's exercises are likely to be too easy for anyone who's already enjoying a fitness regime. But novices are likely to be attracted to the simple equipment required and the well-rounded routines which are challenging for beginners, but still achievable.

Given their ease, I'm not sure whether this fitness guide will ever give readers the body of the woman on its front cover. It just doesn't push women far enough. But anyone who sticks to the plan should see some improvement by the time they're ready to slip into their swimsuit.

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