Betsey Johnson Ship Shape Bikini | Retro Nautical Halter Swim Top

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Betsey Johnson Ship Shape Bikini
Betsey Johnson Ship Shape Bikini

Betsey Johnson interprets nautical fashion with her signature feminine flair with this Ship Shape bikini.

As we see with much of the Betsey Johnson collection, there’s nothing subtle about this swimsuit. The ruffles and bows at the straps are unashamedly girly. The diagonal blue stripes pop against the white background. By keeping the bust free of frills, Betsey Johnson ensures the look doesn’t go over the top. It’s still not likely to appeal to fans of minimalist fashion, but Betsey’s never cared to cater for girls who crave simplicity!

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Betsey Johnson knows her target market, and she gives them just what they want here. Those feminine details give this well crafted bikini some real personality. While those bells and whistles make the style appealing, it’s the little features we barely notice that give it substance. The halter-neck style is designed to enhance and support curves. The sliding design ensures the most comfortable fit for women of all shapes and sizes.

At $84 this bikini top is a bit expensive for half a swimsuit. However by selling the top separately, Betsey Johnson allows us to customize the look with a simple grommeted pair of hipster briefs or a flirty ruffled pair. Which would you choose?

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