Betmar Origami Straw Sunhat

Pleated Linen Beach Hat

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Posted: May 10 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Betmar Origami HatBetmar gives us a taste of the Orient with this unique Origami sunhat.

This hat gets its name from its linen crown, which is pleated to resemble paper folded in the traditional Japanese style. It's very stylish, but it serves a more practical purpose. By using lightweight linen, Betmar has ensured our head will stay cool. It won't offer as much ventilation as a hat made of a meshed material or an open weave, but it's also much more stylish than these air-circulating options.

The natural-toned linen crown is complemented by a brown plaited straw brim. Betmar says this natural fiber is crushable and collapsible, but I'm not so sure. Straw is known for being brittle, so I can't imagine it'll put up with this kind of manipulation for very long.

While it may not live up to its claims, at least the Origami sunhat's brim is wide. Its ample inches will create enough shade to keep the sun off your face and neck, and sunburn at bay.

With its neutral colors and classic Bretton style design, this Origami sunhat promises to be a wardrobe staple if you treat it right. That longevity helps to justify its significant $49 price tag.

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