Becca Network Swim Top | Asymmetrical Macramé Detailed Raspberry Bandeau

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Becca Network Bikini

Becca Network BikiniBecca shows a splash of kitsch can make a big impression with this Network swim top.

The Network’s retro vibe comes from the macramé detailing that extends from the strap along the front of the bandeau top. It’s a lovely nod to the 70s which doesn’t dominate the design. Where the Mara Hoffman Macramé Swimsuit we saw recently came across as a bit of a fashion throwback, Becca keeps the distinctive yarn in check. By adding the woven finish to an asymmetrical styled suit, Becca’s brought the accent into the 21st century.

This Network’s color is likely to be its most polarizing element. In lurid raspberry, it’s blinding! The aquamarine version is a little more reserved, but it’s still quite youthful. I prefer these bold shades as they really put the macramé detail out front. In onyx the woven details tend to blend in, although this color will probably still best suit traditionalists.

At $72 the Network’s no bargain buy, but you’re paying for quality. The boning in the sides and adjustable strap are some of those extras we get in the highest quality swimsuits. These features ensure the Network fits just right and makes the most of your natural assets. I think it’s worth the splurge, don’t you?

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