Beach Bike Travel DVD

Movie Guide to Los Angeles’ The Strand Cycling Trail

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Posted: Aug 19 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

The team from Treasures Lifestyle & Travel Show takes us to Los Angeles with this information and entertaining travel DVD.

More than just a travel guide, this DVD leaves the bright lights of Hollywood and the Sunset Strip behind for the city's famous beach bike path, The Strand. This trail stretches from Temescal Canyon to Torrance Beach, some 22 miles away.

The video provides an insight into this area which is invaluable for tourists and local cyclists. Amazon customers who live in the region admit that they didn't realize just how far the bike path stretched, or know many of the facts relayed by host Angel Reed. Once you're on your own bike and soaking up The Strand in the flesh, no doubt these fascinating tidbits will come flooding back.

As a Broadway dancer, Angel Reed doesn't have the polish of a seasoned travel program presenter but she makes up for it with her bubbly personality. Her bright and sunny nature helps to make this travel program more engaging.

The DVD is on the short side though, with a run time of just 23 minutes. It's fairly affordable at $13.98, but I can't see it stacking up to multiple viewings. That's not its job though. Instead it looks to inspire cyclists to discover Los Angeles beach bike path for themselves. If the enthusiastic reviews are any indication, this Treasures Lifestyle & Travel Show does its job.

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