Avenir Wicker Bicycle Basket

Cute Retro Bike Carrier with Velcro Straps

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Posted: Sep 2 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Avenir Wicker Bike BasketWhen you're a kid every bicycle has a basket. These woven wicker carriers were perfect for holding dolls and books and anything else you wanted to take to a friend's house. But when you grow up the baskets seem to disappear, almost as if bike makers think we've lost the need to transport anything on our travels. I miss those wicker baskets, almost as much as I miss my youthful stamina. Avenir's brought them back though with this retro wicker carrier.

This wicker basket attaches to your bike with black Velcro straps. They're easy to use on the right bike, but it's worth noting that you really need the right bike. The straps are a little short, so they're best suited to single-speed bikes. Some people with multi-speed bikes have managed to attach it, but with all those speed and brake cables getting in the way it's a lot tougher. And if you do manage to affix it, be prepared for it to come loose when you hit a speed bump!

It's also worth noting that this basket is on the small side. It's about 10 inches wide, seven inches deep, and six inches high. You may be able to fit a thin beach towel and flip flops inside at a pinch, but if you've got a plush beach blanket you may struggle. It's fine for carrying the bare basics to the shore, but if you've got some serious swag you may need to tote a backpack as well.

It's got its limitations but I love this wicker basket's retro charm, and its affordable price. $11 isn't a lot to spend on this cute after-market bicycle accessory.

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