Amy Sacks Sunglasses Help Animal Shelter | Shades for the Pixie Project

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Amy Sacks Sunglasses

Amy Sacks SunglassesAnn Sacks is giving back with her eyewear label Amy Sacks Eyewear. Named after entrepreneur Ann’s daughter, corporate profits from sales of the company’s spectacles and sunglasses benefit the Pixie Project.

Ann Sacks’ altruistic daughter Amy cofounded the Pixie Project, a non-profit animal rescue operation located in Portland, Oregon. Money raised by Amy Sacks Eyewear helps provide food, shelter, and medical care for the Pixie Project’s animals.

Amy Sacks sunglasses and specs aren’t just good for America’s abandoned animals though. They’re a smart choice for the nation’s people too. The company creates a diverse collection of frames in a range of colors to suit all personalities.

We’re particularly smitten by these colorful Bamboo Masa sunglasses, which feature hand-carved bamboo temples paired with durable acetate frames. The modern style is unisex though, so you’d better buy two pairs if you don’t want your man pinching them!

Amy Sacks Eyewear stands behind its products and provides a limited frame warranty for each pair of glasses sold. It also offers a 30-day return policy and free shipping, two perks which provide real peace of mind for internet shoppers. Fans can also find Amy Sacks Eyewear at selected retailers in the United States and Canada.

[Source: Amy Sacks Eyewear Website]


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