Aloha Hawaiian Three-Piece Bikini | Black Floral Patterned Skirt Swimsuit

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Aloha brings a taste of Hawaii to any beach with this floral print three-piece bikini.

The bold floral print really pops against the black swimsuit fabric. The pink blooms are lovely, but the pattern is also a bit dated. If you’re not fashion conscious you’ll be able to appreciate it on its own merits, but more style focused beachgoers may look to something a little more contemporary.

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If you love the look, no doubt you’ll be delighted by the sequins which are dotted across the bikini top. Again the treatment isn’t very modern, but the shiny discs do add a bit of glitz. At least, they will while they stay on. If you enjoy the waves, I don’t expect that to be very long. At least the design doesn’t rely on their inclusion, so once they fall off you won’t lose too much.

This is a modestly designed bikini, which makes it something of an anomaly. While most swimsuits of this style aim to show off skin, the cut of this bikini is quite reserved. The bikini bottom offers more coverage than most, while the skirt makes the swimsuit even more modest when you’re on the sand.

If you love it it’s worth noting that no matter what size you order, the top’s dimensions remain essentially the same. It’ll suit a B to a C cup, so if your body’s larger or smaller than the average this probably isn’t the swimsuit for you.

If it is though, you’ll find it reasonably priced at a little under $80. That’s great value for a bikini that goes beyond the standard two pieces.

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