3-Fins Creates Mermaid Swimsuits | Cute Overpriced Novelty Swimwear

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3-Fins Mermaid Swimsuits

3-Fins Mermaid Swimsuits

If we’re to believe the hype, mermaid tail swimsuits are set to become the next best thing.

The unusual 3-Fins swimsuits, designed by Canadian mom Monika Naumann, feature a “Mono Fin” for swimming. Of course that tail’s probably going to make it awkward to actually get to the water, but it should make the fantasies of many little girls come true.

Perhaps most worrying is that the 3-Fins website assures us these quirky swimsuits aren’t just for the junior set. I can’t imagine any full-grown woman daring to dress like a mermaid, but perhaps if one did we’d see the trend taking off! I know I dreamed of being a mermaid in my younger years, so I’m almost tempted to indulge in one of these. I might wear it in the privacy of my backyard pool rather than a public beach though!

The price is a bit prohibitive though at $250 CAD. That money does buy us a custom-made suit in our choice of color and texture, but it’s still a lot to spend on a novelty. I’m sure we could see Suri Cruise wearing one, but I can’t imagine most other wannabe mermaids having the dosh to indulge.

What do you think of these quirky swimsuits?

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