2 Wheel Bikes Maui Beach Cruiser Bike

Women’s Retro Pink Bicycle

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Posted: Jan 7 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

2 Wheel Bikes Beach CruiserI'm one of those people who loathe exercise, but looking at this cute pink cruiser from 2 Wheel Bikes almost makes me forget all that. There's something so romantic about saddling up on a retro-styled bike like this and riding along beach boardwalks and jetties. At least in my head, it all seems so effortless and easy, hardly like exercise at all!

Of course in reality I'm likely to be puffing and panting, but at least this bike would look the business. It really is such a fun looking cycle, with its sugary pink frame and white-wall tyres. It's 26 inches high, which is perfect for most women, and the curved cruiser handlebars are easy to reach.

After a long day on the bike we most often feel it, but this cruiser's suspension seat is wide and padded so hopefully we won't smart too much!

This cruiser comes partially assembled, and it shouldn't be too hard for most girls to do the rest. It certainly doesn't take an engineering degree, but complete novices may want someone to check it out before going for a ride!

At $299.99, this bike represents a significant investment but it's also cheaper than most gym memberships. I know I'd rather take in beautiful beach vistas during my workout than the drab walls of any fitness center!

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