Zigi Must Have Sandals

Fashionable Beaded Synthetic Summer Shoes

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Posted: May 28 | 2 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Zigi Must Have SandalsZigi toots its own horn with these Must Have Sandals. But are they an essential part of your wardrobe?

On looks alone, these Must Have Sandals are winners. They're too bold to suit all tastes, but that daring will only make them more alluring to the girls that love them. The best fashions take risks after all. The brightly colored beads which circle our ankle make a really strong style statement. There's a lot more color on the Must Have's pretty mottled straps.

The Must Haves have all the makings of a great pair of sandals. The subtle one-inch heel makes them look chic without putting our feet under pressure. The thong toe and ankle strap work together to keep our tootsies in place. But to call them a Must Have is probably overstating the point.

Any essential item my shoe closet has to feel good to wear, and these sandals don't. By choosing synthetic over leather Zigi's kept the cost down, but compromised on comfort. The material isn't as soft as the more luxurious skin, so it rubs near the straps and at our heels. They'll definitely take some breaking in, and even then you'll probably only wear them occasionally.

But for $64.99, perhaps they don't need to become a wardrobe staple. For that price its fans will be happy to trot them out when they value looks over comfort!

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