WondaWedge Inflatable Beach Back Pillow

Outdoor Ergonomic Blow-Up Adjustable Chair

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Posted: Jun 29 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Relax by the coast in comfort with the inflatable WondaWedge pillow.

This innovative beach chair was designed by a pair of physiotherapists to support your back and assist your posture. It can be set to three different positions, so you can sit up or recline while thumbing through a magazine, or lay it down for a nap or spot of sunbathing.

The WondaWedge is sold with a groundsheet to ensure sand doesn't creep inside your bathers. Each corner can be anchored to the sand or a grassy spot to ensure it doesn't fly away while you're busy catching waves.

It's probably too inconvenient to inflate and deflate the pillow every time you want to use it, but you could let it down at the end of your vacation or once the weather cools for easy storage.

The WondaWedge pillow is more about function than style, but we can show a little bit of our personality by selecting one of six colors. Gray and blue are conservative choices, while lime green, hot pink, and orange are great fun for summer.

For an affordable $24, this inflatable WondaWedge pillow should make you a bit more comfortable when you're chilling out on the sand.

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