Water Bomb Splash Balls

Fun Beach & Pool Toy Set

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Posted: Jan 13 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Water Bomb Splash BallsEmbrace your inner child and have some fun on the sand with these water bomb splash balls.

Water bombs are a lot of fun, but once you throw them you're left with little scraps of rubber to clean up. That will give these reusable water bomb splash balls the edge for eco-minded folks. You can easily stash them inside a beach bag, then simply soak them and you're ready for a bit of mischievous fun!

The balls are made from soft foam, but I still have a few hesitations about hurling these babies at people. They're recommended for anyone aged four and over, but I fear anyone so young may be hurt by the toy. Teenagers may also need to be supervised with the splash balls, lest they throw them too hard at unsuspecting passersby.

With a group of close friends though, these water bomb splash balls could offer great fun at the beach, pool, or simply on a hot summer day. It's disappointing that there are just four in a set, as I can imagine them being great for parties.

However at $7.99 a pack, they're not expensive enough to discourage us from grabbing two, three, or even more sets.

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