Waiting for the Sun Makes Green Sunglasses

Unique Handcrafted Bamboo & Tea Wood Shades

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Posted: Oct 6 | No Comments |

Waiting for the Sun SunglassesFrench label Waiting for the Sun offers a green alternative to metal and acetate sunglasses with its sustainable and stylish shades.

The fashion house handcrafts its sunglasses from sustainable bamboo and tea wood, paying particular attention to the natural grains of the materials. These substances have been carefully chosen by the label. Bamboo renews itself quickly and can be grown without the use of toxic chemicals. Tea wood has a similar sustainable cred.

Waiting for the Sun fashions these eco-friendly fibers into vintage style shades, with designs which hearken back to the 1920s and 30s. That retro appeal makes them right on trend, while the green credentials update the designs for the 21st century. It's safe to say that anyone who wore sunglasses way back when didn't wear any with such low carbon footprints!

The materials don't just please the planet; they've also got a few advantages for people too. They're surprisingly comfortable to wear and very lightweight, so you won't end up with tell tale marks on the bridge of your nose.

Waiting for the Sun's sustainable sunglasses are available from a range of eyewear retailers around the globe and the label's website. With prices starting at €130 they're not cheap, but they also won't cost the planet.

[Source: Ecosalon]

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