Vix Odette Bikini

Striped Triangle Leather Accented Swim Top

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Posted: Dec 2 | No Comments |

Vix Odette BikiniVix puts a modern twist on the classic black and white color combination with this contemporary Odette Bikini.

This traditional white triangle bikini is adorned with skinny black horizontal stripes. The casual stripes are complemented by leather details at the shoulders. I love the luxurious look these calfskin swatches bring, but I'm concerned about them on a practical level. I was always told to keep my leather goods out of the rain, so I wonder how these patches will hold up in the ocean. Vix doesn't tell us that it treats the leather in a special way, so their longevity is uncertain.

If you prefer to spend time on the sand than in the surf though, you'll likely appreciate the Odette's luxurious good looks, which are stylish without appearing stuffy. I appreciate the way the golden grommets set off the leather pieces and the extra shape and support the removable cups provide.

That level of luxury doesn't come cheaply though. The Odette bikini top costs $100, the same price as many complete swimsuits. It's not for girls on a budget, but the Odette's head-turning good looks make it a tempting proposition for anyone with cash to splash about this summer.

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