Vivienne Westwood Designs T-Shirts for Red Nose Day

Charity Tees to End Poverty

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Posted: Feb 6 | 2 Comments |

Vivienne Westwood Shakespeare T-shirtLegendary British designer Vivienne Westwood has designed a range of T-shirts for Red Nose Day.

In a nod to her home country, Vivienne Westwood's adult T-shirts feature black and white prints of Brits wearing the iconic red nose. Designs feature William Shakespeare and characters from the comedy series Blackadder. There's also a range of kids tees with fun cartoon characters. They'd make great beach cover-ups for anyone with a sense of humor, and a social conscience.

Happily the shirts don't just put humans first; they're also good for the planet. Each one is crafted from 100% organic cotton made under fair trade conditions. This certification ensures that independent cotton farmers in third-world countries are given fair prices for their crops.

The Vivienne Westwood Red Nose Day T-shirts for kids and adults are reasonably priced between £5.99 and £14.99 from the Red Nose Day e-store and TK Maxx outlets. A large percentage of sales from each T-shirt benefits Comic Relief, a charity that strives to end poverty in the United Kingdom and abroad.

[Source: Telegraph]
[Image Source: Red Nose Day website]

Vivienne Westwood T-shirts on eBay

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  • Holly Clayton says:

    Darling i think those are shite! Don’t show any of your flair – eccentricity or STYLE… infact seem totally removed from you.

    have great pop art images that would be fabulous on T-shirts…. working with charity in Zimbabwe, where it is most needed….

    You are AMAZING but these T-shirts are dull and are a poor reflection of your work.

    Holly & Dan

  • JamesGup says:

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