Victoria’s Secret Summer Beach Tote

Casual Ombre Pink & Orange Woven Straw Handbag

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Posted: Aug 5 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Victoria's Secret is famous for its sexy lingerie and swimwear, but with this beach tote the brand shows its more practical side.

This beach bag embraces summer with its casual straw body and vibrant ombre colors. A tote in pink and orange might not work on the city streets, but it's perfect for time spent on the sand. Perhaps Victoria's Secret should have offered us a few more color options, but I'm sure girly girls will lap up these vivid hues.

The tightly woven colored straw is offset by silvery synthetic handles and pale green zig-zag stitching. We also get a peek at the contrasting aqua blue fabric lined interior. All those colors could easily have looked cluttered, but by keeping the design simple and the body pattern-free Victoria's Secret pulls it off.

This beach tote's design is simple but serviceable. I like the platform base, which helps the bag sit up in the sand. Some girls may long for organizational pockets, but I prefer the uncluttered interior which seems tailor-made for carrying large items like a towel, flip flops, and a magazine. The magnetic snap closure hides these goodies away from prying eyes.

This Victoria's Secret tote isn't the most luxurious bag, but for less than $30 we wouldn't expect that. It does the job, and looks quite cute while doing it!

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