Victoria’s Secret Pink Stripe Holiday Edition Tote

Colorful Striped Beach Bag

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Posted: Nov 3 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Victorias Secret Holiday Edition ToteWith bold pink and red stripes, Victoria's Secret makes a big impression with its Holiday Edition tote.

While it was released in the chilly cold of an American winter, it seems much more appropriate for months spent in warmer climes. Its vivid colors are very summery; it's enough to inspire a Christmas vacation in Australia or Tahiti!

Metallic gold lettering spells out the Victoria's Secret name across the front of the tote. The color gets a little bit lost, but as I've never been one for obvious branding I'm not sure that's a deal breaker. If you like everyone to know your beach bag's heritage you may feel differently though!

At 17.7 x 15 x 8 inches, this is one spacious tote. It'll have plenty of space inside for a thick, fluffy beach towel, a pair of flip flops, and the latest copies of your favorite fashion mags.

These large items are really what the bag is made for, as there are no internal pockets to keep smaller goodies organized. The magnetic close strip does offer a bit of security while you're in the water, although it won't keep out the sticky fingers of determined pickpockets.

The $69.50 price tag is a bit high for a seasonal accessory, but if you can make it do double duty as a gym or diaper bag once the weather cools you might see value for your money.

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