Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Moisturizer | SPF 15+ Sunscreen Gradual Tanner Cream

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Victorias Secret Beach Sexy

Victorias Secret Beach SexyIt takes a bit of effort to keep your skin in tip top condition during summer. You’ll need a moisturizer to put back what the sun takes out, sunscreen to keep harmful UV rays at bay, and a tanner to safely give your skin a healthy summer glow. Victoria’s Secret helps us simplify our lives with Beach Sexy, a cream which can do the jobs of all three!

Beach Sexy contains apricot kernel oil, which nourishes and hydrates the skin while imbuing it with a subtle, fruity scent. It also features gentle tanning properties, which builds up with prolonged use. Of course this is less shocking than stepping out looking like an orange overnight, but I still have my reservations. Once your skin is as dark as you’d like, you either have to stop using Beach Sexy, or continue to tan. I wouldn’t want to look like Snooki at the end of summer, but I’d miss the cream’s hydrating properties! Perhaps three different lotions isn’t so inconvenient after all!

While I’m picking it apart, I’m also disappointed that the built-in sunscreen only has an SPF factor of 15+. It’s better than nothing, but really the bare minimum. It might work in some parts of the world, but if you’re heading for the Caribbean or some other tropical hotspot I’d double up with a more effective lotion.

For $13.99, Victoria’s Secret has created a cream which does a lot but costs very little. It’d be great for short summer holidays, but if you intend to spend a whole season on the beach separate products will be more practical.

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