Tori Praver Kelly Swimsuit | Smocked Plunging Teal One-Piece

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Tori Praver Kelly Swimsuit

Tori Praver Kelly SwimsuitOne-pieces have a reputation for being a safe swimsuit option. But Tori Praver shakes things up with her sexy Kelly.

There’s nothing pedestrian about the Kelly. From its plunging neckline to its Brazilian style bottom, it’s designed to show plenty of skin. While nothing too scandalous is revealed, you’ll need to feel confident about your body to pull it off. It also looks its best if you’ve got a flawless figure like the model. With a back that dips almost as low as the front, there’s really nowhere to hide when you’re wearing the Kelly. And of course keep the sunscreen handy; with so much skin exposed you’ll need it!

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The Kelly’s teal color is beautiful, but Tori Praver’s unique smocked material gives the youthful youth an extra lift. The texture retains the monochromatic hue’s classic appeal while adding vital interest. Of course a fabric like this will never withstand a trip through the washing machine though, so be prepared to take time out on your summer vacation to wash this baby by hand.

I suggest making the effort though, because at $149 this swimsuit is reasonably priced. If you treat it well you should see it last for several seasons, which will only make that already affordable bottom line seem like a bargain!

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