Teva Toolani Flip Flops

Simple Pink Summer Thongs

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Posted: Feb 16 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Teva Toolani Flip FlopsTeva goes back to basics with this pair of Toolani Flip Flops.

Ordinarily I find Teva shoes a bit chunky with their supportive straps and cushy, thick soles, so I was excited to see the label take a more traditional approach to these Toolani Flip Flops. Without all of those practical bells and whistles, we're given a pair of flip flops that are chic and simple.

Teva fans should be prepared to make a few compromises though in the name of fashion. While the thinner sole looks more stylish, it doesn't have that lovely, squishy comfort we're used to. You'll certainly feel the difference in shock absorbency when running along the beach or playing a game of volleyball. The webbed straps are just as soft and comfortable as we'd expect though, so if you're not overly active on the beach then the Toolanis may suit you just fine.

These flip flops are cheaper than most Teva shoes, but I'm not sure the label's even done enough to command its $25. In many ways these flip flops aren't too different from the stock standard flip flops you'll find at Walmart or any other cheap department store. Teva's faithful swear they're more comfortable, but the jury's still out on this one.

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