tanQ’s Charity T-Shirts

Company Supports New Non-Profit Every Month

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Posted: Sep 9 | No Comments |

tanQ T-Shirts

Disillusioned with her work as a designer for multinational brands like Nike and Columbia Sportswear, Judy Tan set about making a change. She established tanQ, a T-shirt company which supports a different charity each month.

Tan refuses to take a one size fits all approach. Instead she carefully designs a new limited edition T-shirt every month to support a cause fighting poverty or illness. Since launching in 2010, tanQ has donated 100% of her profits to 12 different nonprofit organizations.

Sometimes the T-shirts tie into larger fundraising efforts, such as Candlelighters for Children with Cancer during National Cancer Awareness Month and the American Red Cross' tsunami relief initiatives in Japan. On other occasions Tan chooses projects she's especially passionate about, or ones she believes are currently underfunded. In doing so she's shone a light on smaller charities including the Spoon Foundation, who work to improve the nutritional standards of orphans around the globe, and Girls Inc. who look to remove barriers and create opportunities to help girls everywhere reach their potential.

Their charitable aspect is compelling, but the playful graphics have really won me over. If you want to support the cause, and look cute on the beach, you can find the tanQ tees at selected American retailers and the company's online store.

[Source: Feelgood Style]

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