New Surf Showstopper Beach Purse

Small Waterproof Black Wristlet for Swimming

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Posted: Aug 26 | No Comments |

Keeping your essential items safe and dry on the beach has just become easier thanks to Going Dancing. The Australian brand has just added the waterproof Surf Showstopper to its range of Showstopper wrist bags.

Unlike traditional wristlets which dangle from the wrist, the Surf Showstopper is worn like a watch. Simple strap it on and forget about it while jogging along the beach or hitting the waves.

As you might expect from a purse designed to be worn on the wrist, the Showstoppers are pretty small. Rather than looking to replace your beach bag, they're designed to carry the items you don't want to leave on the shore like your loose change, vital cards, car keys, and cell phone.

The Surf Showstopper is available in both small and large sizes, although sadly they're both only available in basic black. Hopefully it's only a matter of time before we see more interesting waterproof designs; something like the brand's flowery corsage bags or cow printed classic purses would allow the Showstopper to live up to its head-turning name.

Both sizes of Surf Showstopper are available for $59.95 from Going Dancing's online store.

[Source: SBWire]
[Image Source: Going Dancing]

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