Supre Coco Beach Tanning Lotion

Ultra Dark Tan Accelerator Cream

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Posted: Oct 5 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Supre Coco Beach Tanning AcceleratorNothing looks as good as a deep, dark tan. But with UV levels rising, it's just not smart to spend hours baking to get sexy, sun-kissed skin. Supre looks to cut your sun bathing time with its Coco Beach tanning lotion.

This product isn't your standard coconut oil or tanning cream. It's billed as a tanning accelerator, a product which will achieve a deep tan in just a fraction of the time. It sounds like a lofty claim, but Supre's MagnaColor tanning technology helps the production of melanin so your tan gets darker, faster. But remember that health professionals frown on any time spent sun bathing, so this product can't really be regarded as sun safe. Still, it seems a smarter option than a regular suntan lotion.

It's also made more appealing by its extra, non-tanning properties. We all know how dry skin can feel once it's exposed to the sea breeze, so I'm glad Supre has added ingredients to condition, protect, and hydrate the skin.

Even if you can only afford a trip to the Jersey Shore, the scent of this Coco Beach lotion might help convince you that you're relaxing in the Tropics. At least if you close your eyes! The unique blend of tropical oils and extracts smells like the most beautiful mix of coconut, banana, pineapple, and vanilla. It's almost good enough to eat!

If you want to be really sun safe, bottle tans are a much smarter option, but if you insist on baking on the beach this Coco Beach lotion will help you get your tan faster, and for a reasonable price.

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