Suno & Warby Parker Design Sunglasses | Limited Edition Designer Collaboration Shades

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Warby Parker & Suno Sunglasses

Warby Parker & Suno SunglassesSuno has teamed up with Warby Parker for a head-turning new eyewear line.

It makes sense for these labels to get together, as both have a strong philanthropic commitment. Suno was conceived as a reaction to the economic slump Kenya suffered when violence erupted after the country’s controversial 2009 election. Warby Parker is a philanthropic pioneer with its famous “buy a pair, give a pair” business model.

The range features the best from both fashion houses. Warby Parker’s familiar geek-chic frames have been given some extra color with the familiar rainbow prints of Suno’s Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty.

There are three different styles to choose from: cat’s eye frames, round ones, and classic aviators. Each one is also available in each of the collaborative line’s patterns. The geometric and floral textile style prints were inspired by Suno’s designers’ frequent travels to Kenya, the India, and Peru. The designers produce their label’s apparel in these far flung locations to help stimulate their struggling economies.

This designer collaboration doesn’t see Warby Parker relaxing its philanthropic commitment either. Just as with the regular Warby Parker shades, for every pair of limited edition sunglasses sold the label will donate a pair of eyeglasses to someone in need.

These new sunglasses are available now from the Warby Parker website.

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Warby Parker Sunglasses on eBay

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