Spy Optic Clarice Sunglasses

Protective Red Mottled Sun Shades

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Posted: May 24 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Spy Optic Clarice SunglassesSpy Optic offers a classic pair of sunglasses with all the features sun conscious beachgoers need with the Clarice.

The Clarice's shape is quite simple, but the devil's in the details. Spy Optic's really jazzed its propionate frames up with a cheerful cherry red color and fun mottled finish. These shades are quite bold, but there are five more color combinations if you prefer a different look. No matter what the color, venetian blind style ridges near the temples add an extra layer of style.

The Clarice sunglasses are really well made. Those propionate frames are extra tough, and the five-barrel hinge system made to last. Its lenses are also certified to offer the best UVA, B, and C protection. Spy Optic trade on that triple protection, but it's a bit of a gimmick really as UVC rays don't actually reach the earth. If you're planning on doing some intergalactic exploring though, these might be the shades for you! Otherwise just know that the Clarice offers just as much sun protection as the other best brands on the market.

At $84.95 these sunglasses cost a bit more than we'd expect from a brand that isn't a designer label, but their durability ensures we'll see value for money.

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